Yarn Bowls – The Best Knitting Gifts for Your Grandmother

Most grandmothers enjoy knitting and crocheting. It is a fruitful craft which relaxes them and, as recent studies have shown, it even keeps their mind sharp. Moreover, grandmothers love to give their loved ones, unique handcrafted garments. So, if your grandma is obsessed with knitting, you could surprise her with some unique knitting gifts. Since basic yarn supplies can be a tad boring, consider something more special like a couple of yarn bowls. If you don’t know much about knitting, these bowls might not seem like a bid deal to you. However, they can be tremendously useful for all knitters and crocheters, and we are certain that your grandmother will surely appreciate such a gift.

1. Yarn bowls protect precious yarns

During the knitting activity, the yarns tend to roll around on the floor, untangling as the yarn is drawn from them. This might not seem like a big deal, but there are precious types of yarn like silk yarn that can easily get scratched and damaged. Silk yarn can also get easily dirty from rolling on the floor, and since it is such a pretentious fabric, it can be very hard to clean it. Yarn bowls prevent all that rolling around, as they feature a solid base that keeps the yarn in place, and a circular opening that guides the thread as it untangles.

2. They prevent tangling and over-twisting

Even if your grandmother doesn’t work with pretentious fabrics, she can still benefit from using yarn bowls. It is not uncommon for yarns to get all tangled up when they roll around the floors. Untangling them can be a nightmare, and it takes all the fun out of knitting, which is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Moreover, while rolling on the floor, the yarn thread can get very twisted. This can affect the overall knitting project. The parts of the yarn that get twisted will look thinner, while the rest will remain just as thick and this can result in some visible defects in the finished project.

3. They eliminate distractions

As we mentioned, knitting is supposed to be a very relaxing activity, but this is not always the case. Having your yarn roll around the house can be very distracting and annoying. If your grandma also happens to have a cat, she will have to fight the cat for the yarn, as yarn balls are cats proffered toys. All of these distractions are stressful, but they can be prevented by something as simple as a yarn bowl.