Wrapping gifts – the mini-guide

Holiday season is coming and you are completely terrified of starting to wrap all the gifts again? Even though some people consider this activity relaxing and very pleasing, others see it as a burden. Wrapping gifts is much trickier than many people tend to believe and it often ends up with horrible results. This is the reason why each and every one of us needs a short guide on how to wrap gifts properly without difficult, impossible to follow steps. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get through with it as fast as possible:

Buy the necessary materials

Besides the obvious wrapping paper, you will need to buy several other things to help you get your gifts packed and ready. You can check for ribbons wholesale online and pick the most suitable ribbons and accessories for your gifts. DIY bows ideas are all over the Internet so you will be able to gather inspiration from all around. What’s left to do is placing your order early enough so you can have the materials you need right in time. Set your imagination free and buy everything that catches your attention or seems interesting enough.


First things first, you will need to find out how much wrapping paper you need. For this, you should measure the size of your actual gift box and rotate it over the packaging you desire. Once you have set the exact length of paper you need, it’s the moment to determine the thickness of the packaging. Measure it using your fingers as a market. Following these markers, you can start cutting the wrapping paper in the shape and size you need. Try not to make mistakes at this step or you will need to buy new pieces of wrapping paper. Wasting it is definitely not an option in such a moment.

Colours and patterns

Choosing colours and patterns depend on the occasion you are making gifts for. If it’s for Christmas you already know that red and green are the favourites. If it’s for Halloween, orange and black are two of the main colours of this holiday. If you are wrapping a gift for a simple birthday, look for paper with messages or personalize it after your own will. Don’t forget to add a card next to the gift by carefully placing it around the attached ribbon or bow. If you feel creative enough, you can write directly on the wrapping paper. Be careful though – some markers can stain.