When are non UK residents entitled to a tax refund


Tax refunds for non UK citizens are something that not many people are aware of, so if you are no longer a citizen of the UK, but have recently heard about the possibility for receiving a tax return, you probably desire to learn more on the topic. There are several occasions in which you can be seen viable for this type of rebate, so finding out more details about this possibility is recommended. These are the cases in which you can apply for a non UK resident tax refund:

Having a rental property in the country

If you have moved abroad, but you still own a rental business in the UK, the government gives you the possibility to claim a tax rebate. Because you are still paying income taxes for your building or a pension, despite the fact that you are no longer living there, and the property is being rented to another person, claiming a tax relief will be possible. The amount of money you can be saving due to this opportunity is certainly not one to neglect, so if this is the situation you are in, make sure to take the necessary steps in receiving your rebate.

Paying UK income tax while working in a foreign country

The government owes you a tax refund if for the past couple of years you have no longer been working in the country, but in a foreign one, and have still been subjected to income taxes throughout this entire period. These cases happen more often than you think, and because you should not be obligated to pay an income tax while being employed abroad, making a tax rebate claim is of course recommended.

You have relocated to another country

There is a thing called “leaving the UK” tax application which you can fill in and apply after you have relocated to another country. If you have stopped being an UK citizen over the past few years, the government might be owing you money and you might not even be aware of this fact. So discussing with a rebate specialist and finding out if leaving the UK tax refund is something that you can obtain, do not wait any longer to make a claim. However, for you to be seen eligible for this type of tax refund, you need to apply during a maximum of four years after your relocation.

As you can see, there are a few situations in which you, as a non UK resident, can receive a tax rebate. Being well informed is essential in these cases, so in order to actually get a hold of the refund you think you are entitled to, researching the topic more amply is recommended. The aspects mentioned above are only a few of the many details you should learn on the subject, so for a better understanding of the tax relief process, you can search online for the advice of experts, and you can even find yourself an online platform that allows you to start a claim.