What happens after you apply for unemployment benefits in France

You and your family have moved to France. How could you not when you were offered a job at one of the best hospitals in the country? France is one of the best places to work, especially if you are a doctor. Unfortunately, you got laid off. You did not kill patient. What happened was that the hospital had to make some budget cuts. The question now is what do you do. Finding a job is essential, but until you find work, you need to head over to Pôle Emploi and get your unemployment benefits. You have no choice but to claim benefits. Your family will not survive on air alone. Are you curious to know what happens after you perceive unemployment benefits? Keep on reading to find out.

What Pôle Emploi does

What Pôle Emploi does basically is process your claim. The French governmental agency takes your case and sees whether you meet the requirements or not. If you have not registered online, then the Pôle Emploi sends a unique interlocutor to come discuss your situation. Your request will be sent to Assurance Chômage. If there answer is a positive one, you will receive unemployment benefits. Pôle Emploi is the one who pays the allowances and who helps you find another job. The role of the French governmental agency is not necessarily to help unemployed people financially, but to help them find work. If you genuinely want to get back on the work market, you should do what Pôle Emploi says. They have pretty good connections, so if you are presented a job offer, it is wise not to refuse it.  

What actions you should take

You have applied for unemployment benefits, but this does not mean that you can sit back and relax. You have to make some efforts too. What you need to do is actualiser situation 93. Every little detail counts, so if you have changed your phone number in the meantime, make sure to update your contact information. If your contact details are not up-to-date, you risk losing your unemployment benefits. Another thing you have to do is start applying for jobs. When you claimed unemployment benefits, you mad a commitment. More precisely, you promised you would be diligent. Now is the time to keep your promise. Send your CV to employers. There is someone out there willing to hire out. The great thing is that you have freedom of choice, even when it comes to the job opportunities offered by Pôle Emploi. You can say no to 2 job offers, not more.

It is only normal to feel distressed after losing your job. Work is part of your identity, not to mention the fact that you have made many sacrifices for your professional life. But this is the way life is. Unexpected things happen. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, be proactive. You have unemployment benefits. All you need is the will to keep on fighting. If not for you,a t leas do it for your family.