Travelling gear you need for transporting your horse


If you are a first-time horse owner, then you don’t know just how terrifying traveling is for horses. Even a short drive can make your mare feel uncomfortable. The horse doesn’t see a trailer, but a spooky place. Travelling can be a pleasant experience though if you know how to. What you have to do is to make sure that the horse is completely relaxed. If you have never owned a horse before, chances are that you don’t know what gear you need for transportation. When it comes to preparing for an equestrian journey, this is what you need. All of these itesm should be on your checklist.

Travel boots

Horse travel boots are essential. You can’t do without them. they protect the delicate structure of the leg, providing your animal much-needed travel protection.  Horse travel boots are a great way to give your horse’s legs protection during travel. Generally, the boots are made from synthetic materials which that protect the entire leg, including the knees and hocks. What you should know is that this type of leg protection is better than bandages. Bandages fall off at one point or another.

Tail bandage

No matter if you are relocating or taking your animal to a contest, equip your horse with a tail bandage. A tail bandage protects the tail (what else?) during the transit, not to mention that it keep it looking majestic. It also prevents damage to the skin, under the tail. when applying the tail bandage, remember not to wet it because it will shrink and impair blood circulation.


A rug provides warmth when the animal is not able to move around freely. Equally important is mentioning that the rug offers protection from rubbing against the walls of the trailer. There are many types of protection available and you should pick out one for your mare. The one thing to pay attention to is over-rugging. If the animal is already warm and is sweating, you will compromise their health. The number of rugs is determined based on air temperature, inside and outside the trailer.


When travelling with your horse, don’t forget to use a headcollar. The reason why the headcollar is necessary is that it protects the animal from hitting their head. You should opt for a leather headcollar as it will not break easily. Leather is the perfect material because it is capable of withstanding extreme pressure.