Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa


Are you looking for a way to de-stress yourself from the day when getting home? Then you should consider transforming your bathroom into a relaxing spa, because there is no more perfect way than this if you want pamper yourself. You might think that you do not have to remodel your bathroom in order to relax your achy limbs, because you have the possibility to book an appointment at a spa. But, do you want to spend money weekly on a 15 minutes treatment, when you can have it in the comfort of your home, every day? So, call Sydney renovators today and bring this luxurious experience right to your house. The renovations of the bathroom into a spa might cost you some money, but would not empty your wallet, and you would benefit from long-term advantages, so it is a great investment to be done. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Less is more and unusual is luxurious

When deciding to transform this space into a luxurious spa, you have to leave aside all the decoration tips you have read before. Remember, that this is the main reason you have decided to change the look of your bathroom in the first place, because you do not feel comfortable there, and you want to achieve the spa look in your home. So, remove all the jars filled with cotton balls and forget about the traditional look. The first thing you have to do when starting the renovating process is to contain your odds and ends. For example, you should stash your toothbrush in a unique tumbler, move your soap from the sink into a dish, and bring some storage boxes for the other things you want to place in the bathroom.

Marble the bathroom

Do you like the way the floor and walls of your bathroom look right now? If not, then you should have in view a complete revamp, and the best way to do this is to install marble. People might think that granite works too, but if you want a luxurious look, then marble is the key, because it is seen a classic and sophisticated option.

The shower system makes the difference

When it comes to choosing a shower system, you have plenty of options from which to choose. Large rain shower, steam shower, dual shower, body sprays or hand help shower, and the list might go on. You have the possibility to be creative when buying a shower system, so if you know that you would want to feel like you had a massage after taking a shower, you can choose one, which features massaging body sprays. Your personal needs and your budget are the ones that influence your choice.

Remove the run-of-the-mill mat with a Persian rug

If you have a mat in the bathroom, and that one is tired and dirty, then you should definitely replace it with a new and sophisticated one. Luxurious spas have taken a step further and replaced the old maths with Persian or Turkish rugs, so you should do the same.