The story of eco-friendly wedding ribbons

There are more and more concerns regarding the importance of leading an eco-friendly life. This is a much more complicated and complex topic than you might have thought. There are numerous experts that keep informing you of the necessity of the change, making it seem as if it were a command rather than a request. The good thing about leading an eco-friendly life is that in some areas it is much simpler than one might have thought. Probably your biggest challenge is putting together an event, a personal one, in which your guests come first. Some couples believe that they need traditional arrangements to make it happen, when in reality eco-friendly items are not only simple to come by, but they can be extremely easy to incorporate in any type of event. The personalised wedding ribbon itself can quickly combine beauty and care for the environment, if you know how to pick it.

Silk: true friend of the earth


Maybe one of the first rules of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is choosing only fabrics that are natural. Cotton, cashmere, silk, all the fabrics you choose to incorporate in your wardrobe ought to be natural. You might find it difficult to locate wedding ribbons made from cotton. Plus, even if you do, you might not find them that attractive. The good news is that there are silk ribbons as well. This fabric is natural, soft, elegant and refined. In other words it is just perfect for weddings.


Reuse all your decorations once the wedding is over


When trying to behave in a friendly manner towards the environment, you need to think on the long term. Whatever investment you are making whether this is based on a punctual need or not, you need to think of ways to re-use all items. This way, you won’t require further such items and the planet is not forced to provide you with new ones. Think of tips on how to re-use wedding decorations.


Spread the message


It is very important to spread the word, to make others join your group. Staying close to nature means supporting initiatives of this kind. With the danger of repeating what has already been said so many times, it is worth doing it! Decide to use your ribbons to send the message. Instead of the classic bride and groom message, why not try a creative phrase through which people are encouraged to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle?