The significance and the importance of choosing the perfect engagement ring


The engagement ring represents the unity, the reconstruction of the androgynous, and the completeness of two souls. From a symbolic point of view, the rings are without beginning and without end, which reminds of eternity and the sacred promise made by the future bride and groom. It equally brings together the most beautiful significations of love and allows the woman to experience one of the most important moments of her life: the transition to the status of woman. Considering the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, it is no surprise the fact that diamond engagement rings have a great popularity among couples.

The reaction of the future bride

Women have a particular interest in the beauty of the gesture, the model, colour and type of diamond attached to the ring and often, they correlate the price of the ring to the value they have for their partner. For this reason, the man must give a special attention through the whole process of purchasing the ideal engagement ring and especially the moment he offers it as a symbol of his deep, true feelings. After this step, the woman will wear it on her finger for the rest of her life, viewing it as reminiscence and a proof of eternal love.

Carat, colour, clarity and cut

As diamond shapes are very different, unique features determine the quality of each shape. Carat is the standard measure for the weight of the diamond. When comparing two diamonds of the same size, we do not make the mistake of considering them the same weight.  Depending on how they were cut, they can have different weights. The diamond bears a resemblance to a prism that splits light reflecting afterwards the spectrum into a blaze of colours. Because of the intensity of the optical effect, these light flashes are called fire. The more colourless the diamond is, the higher the value. Diamonds often show scratches or small cracks that resemble some microscopic flakes, crystals or carbon deposits that generally do not affect the brilliance of the stone, but influence its price. Pure diamonds are the most sought after and the most expensive. The cut includes proportions and symmetry, and most influences the brightness of a diamond. If the cut is not done properly, this will affect the diamond’s resistance, increasing the risk of breaking or smashing. If the facets are not aligned correctly or the symmetry is not good, the light will not pass through the diamond, as it should, so the brightness will not be optimal.


You are going to make a financial and emotional investment, so be sure to receive a certificate, it proves that a precious stone is authentic and presents its individual characteristics as well as its quality and value. Also, it will become very useful if at some point you will make the decision to sell it. The diamond is evaluated, measured and examined by trained eyes, using a jeweller’s magnifier, a microscope and other specific tools. Buying a diamond without a certificate it is a considerable financial risk.