Swing vs. bouncer: what is the best option for your baby?

Newborns communicate through crying because they cannot verbalize emotions, feelings or thoughts. Parents have the responsibility to decipher this form of communication in order to soothe their babies. However, those who do not have experience in childcare might encounter difficulties at first, not to mention the exhaustion and frustration. Well, interpreting baby cries is not rocket science taking into account that they all have the same needs. Thus, the main reasons for which an infant might cry include hunger or stomach problems, teething pain or a dirty diaper, the need of sleep or human touch, too cold or too hot. Your job is to identify the correct cause and soothe your bundle of joy by either lying him on the side, allowing him to suck on a pacifier, resorting to white noise or singing, swaddling him or using rhythmic movements. Most newborns calm down almost instantly after the mother takes them in her loving arms, but this can become quite tiring at some point. For this reason, parents resort to swings or bouncers.

What you should know before purchasing a baby bouncer

Nevertheless, new parents should make a clear difference between bouncers and rockers or swings. Once again, grasping these details is not that difficult, but it is necessary. Do not purchase the first item you see just so you can give your arms a break. Explore the options available in stores and invest in a high-quality product. First, you should know that baby bouncers are generally designed and used for playtime while baby swings are adequate for sleep or nap time. More specifically, bouncers create an up-and-down movement thus leading to a relaxing feeling, just like the one adults experience when using the rocking chair. That movement is magic because it makes the baby stay put and even express visible excitement. Those parents who benefit from a generous budget and afford to invest in modern bouncers receive some much-welcomed features like vibrations and toys, which have the purpose to grab the attention of the little one thus enabling them to complete certain work projects or household chores. A bouncer is recommended for proper child development.

What to consider before investing in a swing for your newborn

Moving on to swings, they create a different movement from bouncers, but the purpose is quite similar because the baby immediately relaxes. Back and forth swinging does wonders taking into account that newborns fall asleep in no time thus giving their parents the opportunity to rest. Even more, according to researchers, a swing reminds the baby of those nine months spent in the mother’s womb, which represents the most nourishing environment for them. The best alternative to this product and the movement created refers to the mother’s arms, but the whole purpose of investing in such an item in the first place is to allow the tired mother to recover her strengths, especially after the challenging and difficult birth moment. The parent can even enjoy a cup of tea while staying close to the infant.