Styling your hair with ribbon – how to

Styling your hair might not be your favourite activity, but you still probably want to look perfect each time you walk out the door, and your hairdo is essential. If you have been running out of ideas on how to accessories your hairstyles in order to make them more attention-drawing, perhaps you should consider using ribbon as an accessory. The market stands at your disposal with a wide range of great hair bow ribbons, so finding ones with the pattern and colour you desire will not be difficult at all. Here are the looks you can go for:

Classic ponytail with a touch of chicness

The classic ponytail is probably your preferred hairstyle option when you are in a hurry and cannot afford spending a lot of time in front of a mirror. Well, although a ponytail is a classic look, it can also be rather dull, so giving it a touch of chicness might be a great choice. With a long, fine strap of satin ribbon, placed around the base of the ponytail, covering the hair tie, you will transform this style into a more beautiful one. Match the ribbon with your outfit, and the effect created will be even more amazing.

Ballerina bun

When you want to tie your hair up, one of the first choices you probably have is a ballerina bun. This hairstyle is just as simple to do as a ponytail and it can suit almost any outfit. You can accessorize this hair look with ribbon by either placing a strap around the ballerina bun, or adding a ribbon hairband with a big bow in front of it.

Braids with a twist

A dull braid can be turned into a hairstyle with a wow effect by adding some colourful ribbon. Simply use straps of ribbon of adequate length and tie them with your hair when you are braiding it. Leave the ribbons a bit longer than your actual hair length.

Ribbon can in fact make a great hair accessory, as long as you use thigh quality one and known how to incorporate it in your hairdos. The ideas mentioned above are only a few of the plenty you can opt for, so give them a try and see how they suit you. The best part about these hairstyles is that the give a lovely effect, and they do not require any advanced skills, so they are the perfect choice when you are in a hurry but still want to look your best.