Simple ways you can save money when organising a wedding


So you are ready for the big step. Now all you have to do is to cross this busy period, when you have to organise the wedding, because there would be so many things to plan, and you are the only one who knows exactly what it has to be done. You might have many things in mind, but when summing the prices for everything you have to pay for, you would understand that the expenses are too large for your budget. In this moment you would realise that, you have to find a way to cut down the expenses, as suit hire. But this is not the only thing you can do to save money, because there are so many things you pay for, and you do not even need them. People are doing these purchases just because they want to feel like celebrities, but it does not mean that without having them you would not feel great at your wedding.

Hire the clothes

This is one of the most effective ways you have, when it comes to saving money, because if you look in both local an online stores, you would notice that they have wedding clothes listed at huge prices. So why not saving some money and renting a dress as beautiful as the one you have seen online. It would come on your size, and they would deliver it with a week before, so you have time to see if you like the way it complements your body.

Transform your backyard in the wedding venue

You do not have to organise the wedding in a restaurant, just because all your friends are doing this. With a few months before the big event, you have to prepare your back yard for this event, so plant the right plants and flowers, and contact a marquee provider to see what space you have to have available for its installation. The marquee provider might even offer you catering services, so do not forget to ask them.

Wild flowers are a great choice

The majority of brides spend a lot of money on the flower arrangements, but you should not do the same. There are many wild flowers, which would allow you create the most amazing bouquets and flower arrangements. And what is amazing is that you can do them by yourself, and in this way you have the entire control on how they would look, and you would not have to pay a penny, because you can find them in the back of your house.