Simple upgrades to give your home decor a makeover

If, when looking around your home, you no longer like how things are arranged, and you believe some improvements might be required in order for your overall decor to have a more pleasant feel to it, knowing what needs to be changed, and how you can easily give your interior a makeover might come in handy. Because you may not have the time, nor money, to undergo major home transformation, you should rely on some simple, yet effective upgrades, to boost the curb appeal of your home. Because shabby chic is one of the design styles you cannot go wrong with, this should be your first choice, and here’s how you can give the area the vibes you desire without complicating yourself:

Add some new furniture items to the place

Although a total replacement of furniture isn’t necessary, and you probably wouldn’t have the budget, a few purchases is something you should consider. Even one or two shabby chic elements can truly make a positive difference in the way your decor looks like. From a vintage coffee table in your living room, to a couple antique stools in the dining room, or even a dressing table in your bedroom will have a noticeable visual impact on your interior’s style. stands at your disposal with such a wide variety of options that it would be impossible not to come across something that goes perfectly with your design preferences.

Over “accessorise” the rooms in colourful ways

Knitted pillowcases, fluffy blankets, colourful wall prints, floral curtains – you have a virtually endless range of options when it comes to “accessorising” any area of your home. The right decorative touches will improve your interior more than you imagine. Moreover, because the shabby chic style is so versatile, you can bring into your decor a combination of decorations, regardless if one it’s from the ’20 and the other from the ’70. As long as you opt for vintage decorative touches, you won’t have problems in mixing and matching.


If your walls are currently painted in darker colour tones, or perhaps nuances that are dull and boring, a repainting job might be required. You don’t even need to hire a handyman for the job, you just need some good paint and the right tools – this will be easier than it looks. Go for pastel colours, colour tones that have a more romantic, vintage feel, and give an area that instant shabby effect. You can find many pictures on the web you can use for inspiration in this department.

As you can see, you don’t need to pursue expensive remodelling or to replace all of your furniture items to give your interior the shabby chicness it may currently lack. A few upgrades here and there might be all it takes to make your decor seem more visually appealing and for your home environment to feel fresher. The right elements incorporated in a proper manner can change a dull interior design into a colourful, trendy one, so keep these few tips in mind, and you will most certainly love the outcomes.