Share Your Daughter’s Interests and Surprise Her with Beauty Products

A caring mother will effortlessly pay attention to her daughter’s interests and preferences. If your daughter likes to take care of herself by following a daily care routine then you could make sure that she has a complete beauty arsenal. If you know that she likes to use a certain product make sure she will not run out of it. Apart from making sure she has all the products that she likes, you can even make her try some new beauty products that you think she may enjoy!

Makeup brushes set

If your daughter is passionate about makeup you could buy a set of makeup brushes for her. They will help her apply the makeup more precisely and evenly. If she hasn’t heard about such items then it’s even better for you since you will be able to surprise her even more. Learning how to use the makeup brushes correctly may take her some time but the results will pay off. All the professional makeup artists have at least a few makeup brushes sets. They couldn’t achieve the professional makeup look if they didn’t use them.  Make sure you choose a set that has enough brushes in it. For a single makeup session, your daughter may need the same type of brush for different color shades. 24 items set would be enough for a beginner. The brushes must be made of natural hair in order to provide a cleaner finish look. They are also easier to maintain. They must be regularly cleaned and dried. We recommend the 24 Shany makeup brushes set which can be ordered online on for almost 19$ with free shipping included.

Lash growth serum

You’ve probably seen your daughter using mascara. This means that she likes to have long lashes. If you think she would enjoy having long lashes all the time then you should give her a lash growth serum as a present. This beauty product claims to make the lashes grow in a natural way. They contain substances that stimulate the growth of the hair follicles, which makes them usable also on the eyebrows. The lash growth serum action is based on a simple principle – it ensures a better vascularization which supports the growth of the eyelashes. They are absolutely safe to use, they assure a long term effect and they have a really good favorable response among the users – 91% of them report longer and thicker eyelash. The most appreciated product in this category is the Eyelash Growth Enhancer Protege EmbelLASH which can be bought on for only 35$. There are also a lot of natural ways of enhancing your eyelashes. For more tips and advice on how to achieve enviable eyelashes, visit Give these tips to your daughter in order to show her that you share her interests.

Argan Oil Treatment

You probably already know that the argan oil brings many benefits to your hair. The oil has moisturizing and nourishing properties. For only 16$, you can make your daughter a nice surprise. The 4 oz Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment bottle is enough for several hair treatment masks. You can use it on its own or you can combine it with other hair masks in order to enhance its benefits.

Micellar Water

Your daughter may not use micellar water yet but after she will give it a try she will include this product in her daily routine for sure! Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution is the perfect solution if your daughter has a sensitive skin. It removes makeup while being gentle with the skin at the same time. Its action can replace the need to clean the face with water. The Bioderma micellar water costs around 30$ on and it comes with free shipping included.

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask may be a surprising beauty gift, but it has so many benefits. Apart from the fact that it will help your daughter have a more peaceful nighttime sleep, it can also be used for eye treatments. The moisturizing eye treatments will be better absorbed into your skin if you put a heated sleep mask over your eyes.

Flat iron

Surprise your daughter with one of the best the best flat irons and she will surely be eternally grateful! A flat iron can be a life saver for teenage girls, especially for a girl with rebel hair. The best flat irons are made of quality components such as tourmaline or titanium infused ceramics. They are designed to give the hair a sleek look without damaging it. Since hairstyles are important for any teenage girl, a flat iron is without a doubt a suitable gift for your daughter.