Sex Addiction Treatment Program – What to Look For

Difficult to define and tricky to diagnose, sex addiction still remains a topic of much debate. While professionals are in no doubt as the existence and severity of the addiction, there are nevertheless many conflicting opinions as to what really constitutes genuine sex addiction. Sadly, this could make it very difficult for an affected individual to be aware when exactly to seek professional help.

Suffice to say, when the decision is made to seek the help of counsellors in Kent, it is crucial to know you have chosen wisely. Contrary to what many people think, all counselling providers on the market are certainly not cut from the same cloth and nor do they follow the same treatment plans and programs. In fact, the differences could be night and day, which is why it is crucial to dedicate real effort and time to the selection process.

So for anybody actively seeking assistance for any kind of sex addiction, here is a short overview of the key considerations to keep in mind:

1 – Service Provider Reputation

Before looking at the specifics of the treatment program, it is important to check out the service provider’s stature and reputation. These days pretty much every single therapist and counselling service in operation will have been tried and verified and reported on by a vast pool of past clients. Therefore, it makes sense to do a little research online and see what you can find out about the reputation of the counsellor you are interested in – just to make sure they are all they appear to be.

2 – Treatment Approach

When it comes to the treatment approach the service provider uses, this usually tends to be the point where the differences become evident. For instance, while some sex addiction programs are mostly factual and physical, others are primarily faith-based. Some offer an intensive approach to treatment, while others a relatively casual, soft and “part-time”. The simple fact is that in order for your treatment to be beneficial, it has to be a program that you believe in entirely and have respect for. If you start a treatment program already thinking it is not going to work, it probably won’t.

3 – Specialism and Experience

To assume every treatment provider and counselling service on the market are equally capable and experienced when it comes to sex addiction is unwise to say the least. There are plenty of highly respected and long established treatment providers who have no experience at all in this particular specialism. Suffice to say, sex addiction is an extremely complex and rare condition which in order to be treated needs to be entrusted only to those with extensive qualifications and experience.

4 – Couples or Singles

In cases where a sex addiction is affecting the life of a couple, there’s always the choice of seeking treatment as a couple. Effectiveness is not usually influenced by deciding to attend alone or as a couple – it will all come down to the personal specifics of the case and the personal preferences of the addict. Nonetheless, for anybody who would prefer to deal with the issue as a couple, it is always beneficial to look into providers with experience in sex addiction treatment with a couple-focused approach.

5 – Comprehensive Professionalism

As already discussed, it’s absolutely impossible to get the maximum benefit from a treatment if you aren’t able to regard the service provider as an excellent professional, worthy of respect. If at any time you are not completely won over by the way they conduct themselves or the way they manage their business, it is likely that it’s not worth going any further. The relationship a client has their treatment provider needs to be one of respect, faith and trust – none of which can be undermined.

6 – Cost Transparency

Last up, it’s also very difficult to dedicate your full efforts and concentration to a sex addiction program, if you need to spend the whole time wondering and worrying how much it is going to cost. From deciding to rush results to cutting down on session frequency to giving up the treatment program altogether, it just does not make sense to enter a program in the first place if you can’t afford it. Therefore, one of the most crucial of all considerations before starting will be that of costs. Select a service provider with a transparent and clear fee structure with no hidden supplements and charges.