Scavenger hunts – Do they really have an educational purpose?


A natural born bounty hunter or not, your child might find such activities useful and educational, without even realizing it. Fact is, scavenger hunts are a more pleasant approach for accentuating a series of personality traits and practical skills your child has. Some great improvements you will notice in terms of problem solving capabilities and team spirit, which on long-term perspectives will have a great impact on your child’s development. However, whether you plan raising the next Indiana Jones or not, you might want to read some Whites detector reviews for helping them with their treasure hunts. If you are reluctant, you should continue reading below, as we are going to provide some expert’s opinions on this matter.

1. Improve their problem solving skills from a young age

Make you child a master at applying previously learned concepts in new contexts. Treasure hunts seem to do a great job at this, and children of all ages enjoy them equally. Also, this is a perfect exercise for improving those problem-solving capacities that might be latent on different levels at very young children. These types of activities are oftentimes performed in schools and kindergartens, specifically for this purpose.

2. Help them develop the ability of working in a team

The most effective way of developing teamwork skills is by splitting the participants in two teams and customizing the hunt in such a way they must collaborate for obtaining the best results. Social interaction is a great value you can teach your children and involving them in activities where this is mandatory, helps them significantly improve it.

3. A healthy mind in a healthy body

Physical exercising is an important part of child development, and scavenger hunts involve a lot of movement, making it possible for small children develop a tendency towards activity in general. If your child tends to stay a lot indoors, a great way of motivating them to get out of the house and involve in other activities besides playing on a smartphone or a tablet. Moreover, when performing physical activities a larger blood quantity irrigates the brain, improving memory, logic and rationing skills.

4. Scavenger hunts are easy to personalize

If you fear you child won’t be excited by a scavenger hunt you plan to organize, fear not. All of them are customizable and coming up with one accordingly to your child’s preferences is not a difficult task. Just search the web for appropriate ideas for your child’s interests and if not able to find, invent one! Also, you can create maps resembling your yard or home which might challenge your child with the previously mentioned problem-solving issue. Riddles and clues are also a great way of personalizing them.

As you can see, a scavenger hunt comes with plenty of benefits for children and their development as human beings, accentuating some of their best traits and capabilities. Therefore, go ahead, order a metal detector, and create for your little ones the best treasure hunt they had!