Reasons why you should encourage your kid to play netball


Parents are often wondering if it is right to encourage their children to play sports. Unquestionably, determining your kid to start playing sports is a good idea. While you little one will not make a living out of kicking the ball, he/she will most certainly benefit from it. Sports like netball fight obesity boost social interaction and promote self-confidence. If your child does show interest towards netball, you should encourage your toddler to take up and achieve in the chosen sport. The great news is that there are many places where to play netball in London. However, if you are not yet convinced that your kid should go for this exciting team sport, consider the following reasons.

Netball encourages team work  

By definition, netball is a team sport, which means that it involves two or more players working together. Although the goal shooter gets all the glory, but the matter of fact is that victory is not possibly without team effort. The game does resemble basketball a lot, but it is far from being the same thing. Players cannot operate individually and team members are required to cooperate at all times.

Social and physical benefits of netball

Netball is important for a kid’s physical and emotional development. Since the sport involves competition between sports and players, it provides an opportunity for social interaction. What this means is that your youngster will make new friends. The memories resulting from playing the ball sport will decidedly last forever. Additionally, the sport has many physical benefits. Players are required to run a lot, the result being that they get a good cardiovascular workout. Running will improve overall fitness and of course strength. It is important not to forget about hand-to-eye coordination.

Netball offers the chance to see the world

While in the beginning your child will play in one of the many leagues in London, soon he/she will play everywhere around the world. Travelling will cost you, but at least your little one will visit places he never thought of seeing. The sport is popular all around the world and play with a number of teams.

It is quite normal to be hesitant about this sport, but you have to think about the wellbeing of your child. If your child manifests any kind of interest towards netball, you should spend more time teaching skills such as passing and throwing. Just give it a try.