Quotes about life

If you were asked to say the main quotes about life that helped you make the wisest decisions and offered you a brighter perspective over everything around you, what would you choose? There are numerous mediocre people that know nothing about life but still pretend to have a great list of experiences recommending them as mentors for the others. Which abilities should someone have in order to be able to create his or her own quotes about life and be recognized by the rest of the world as professionals?

We all need to admit the fact that life is not supposed to be simple, because if this happens we will easily get bored. It is about overcoming obstacles, dealing with difficulties and discovering new abilities of yours with every experience you get through. What is really impressive about life is the fact that you have chance to start it over every time you feel the necessity of doing it.
The reason there have been created so many quotes about life is easy to explain: as we try to make everything better, to lead a better life, to leave a better impression to the people we meet, to gain a better image in front of our family, we start thinking and analyzing what we have done wrong, which parts of our behavior need to be changed or improved and thus we become wiser. Wise people read quotes about life very often as they need to get inspired from other successful people who managed to accomplish all their goals.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that life is not about obtaining everything you want and pursuing your goals, but striving to make everything work and be a better version of yourself. This is the real meaning of life. On the other hand, there are other ways to think about the meaning of life. One could either believe or doubt what he sees or hears. Usually people who prefer to doubt about everything refuse to think and analyze what they hear. It is a sign of mediocrity and laziness and very often people use this as an excuse for their arrogant attitude. It is perfectly right to have the courage to express your denial towards something that you do not agree with, but making a habit out of it is not a solution for a better life. Life is about experiencing new things, ideas and meeting new people!