Quote about family

   When we think about family, we think of our loved ones, our parents, siblings, grandparents and so on. But sometimes we forget how important family actually is. We take it for granted precisely because we have it, and it’s always there for us when we need it. Yet family is something other people have never had, something they wish they had to help and guide them through life. Because the family unit is the basis of society, and it’s in our families that we learn the first things about the world. Here we make our first associations; we learn to have opinions about life and everything that surrounds us. Family is the first to teach us about right and wrong and to instill in us the principles that are starting points for the development of our personalities. The following quote about family was written by French author Andre Maurois and it sums up what life without a family is like: “Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.”

It’s no wonder man has traveled so far around the globe to find the best places for himself and his peers to develop societies and raise families. We humans need each other to survive and evolve, because we’re actually more fragile than other species on the Earth. We adapt well and easily to new environment, but it takes a lot of effort to create the proper conditions for society to grow. It’s the same with family – it is a fragile connection, but working on it can make it invincible. The bond of blood, of brotherhood or customs and traditions all take us to new levels of strength and the will to achieve something in life. Knowing we belong somewhere, with someone makes us feel like life is ours too, like the randomness of the Universe is something not so random at all. Which is why the random quote about family can be like a mantra, reminding us of what’s more important in life. Take this quote about family by George Bernard Shaw: “Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to the country and to mankind is to bring up a family.”

Every quote about family that has ever been uttered has come from people with first-hand experience in what it means to have a family or to want one. We take our family members for granted, we argue with them when they meddle in our affairs, we sometimes we even despise them for being something else than what we wish them to be. But they will always forgive us and we’ll always forgive them, because the love you feel inside a family, that unconditional, unmeasured love isn’t like anything else in the world.