Newborn Clothes Guide

You don’t have to read several books or consult your doctor to learn what clothes you should buy for your baby, but there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to in order to make sure that the baby will feel comfortable and stay warm both during the day and night. Here are some useful tips on how to buy clothes for a newborn.


Baby clothing’s stores have a special section for the baby, so make sure to start from there when buying clothes. In some store departments there are expanded sections for premature children and you can find extremely small clothes. If the baby will be overweight (according to what your doctor estimates based on ultrasound), it would be better to buy larger clothes at first. For a normal newborn, you’ll be able buy clothes for 0-3 months (although your baby will grow so quickly that in two months you will certainly have to change their clothes).

How to store them

After you buy all the clothes needed, make sure to wash them with detergent or as a special detergent for washing baby clothes. You can also consider using a clothes steamer to get rid of bacteria because the chemical substances found in detergents, especially in scented detergent can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Since you will be washing and steaming a lot of baby clothes, we advise you to use a handheld steamer which is easier to maneuver. Go to the website if you wish to discover which are the best handheld clothes steamers. Once you have made sure that the clothes are clean place them in a clean bag until next use.

Opt for something practical

The majority of parents walking through stores dedicated to baby care are immediately tempted to buy adult-like clothes for their baby. These clothes are not at all practical and the baby will feel very uncomfortable wearing a pair of jeans or a thick sweater. Newborns lack body control so they will also find it very difficult to move around. For these reason, consider opting for simple outfits that are made of cotton and have a simple design. Choose clothes items that can be dressed easy, because you will need to change his diaper several times a day. Opt for one piece clothes, preferably onesies.

Socks, gloves and hats

Once you have finished buying the main outfit, don’t forget to buy practical accessories, such as socks, gloves, hats, bonnets etc. If you live in a harsh climate, your baby can be exposed to a number of allergies and diseases so it’s important to help them regulate their body temperature. The skin and eyes are the most sensitive parts, so it’s vital to keep the baby cozy and warm by opting for a cotton hat. Note that it’s not necessary to buy shoes for your newborn, but if you want to keep him more warm, look for some stretchy and comfortable soft-soled shoes that are specially designed for pre-walkers.