New Study Reveals the Dangers of Shoveling Snow

As winter begins to vest and snow spreads fast, you start worrying about the condition of your yard and how you will be able to move your car, due to the drifts of snow created. The snow shovel might seem like a good idea to free your driveway from the thick and heavy snow, but you will reconsider it as soon as you discover the repercussions it can have on your health.
A recent study reveals that snow shoveling is a common cause of accidents in winter, being responsible for thousands of injuries every year. Many people have visited the emergency room with problems from cuts and bruises, to bone fractures and even fatal heart attacks.

The effort in shoveling can damage your heart

Shoveling snow is dangerous for everyone, without taking into account the physical shape, weight or age. It is true that sedentary and old people are more likely to suffer from shoveling snow accidents, but neither young and fit people are spared from shovel hits, slipping, sprains or heart problems. The study shows that people over 55 years old suffer 4 times more accidents and cardiac related injuries than younger people and men are twice as likely to get a heart attack than women are. The cardiovascular pressure of the snow shoveling combined with cold temperatures increase the chances of heart attack in at-risk persons. People with heart problem history should avoid standing in the cold weather and exposing their body to extreme exertion due to the fact that cold weather can worsen minor heart problems and can lead to blood vessel blocking and raised blood pressure.

Shoveling snow is a common cause of back pain

Heart problems are not the only danger shoveling snow implies. Studies reveal that the muscular and skeletal system also suffer from body over straining. As we force our bodies to bend, lift and twist while shoveling, we stretch a large number of muscles in our body, from legs to shoulders and back. Due to excessive exercise and inappropriate body posture, we strain our muscles and cause pain and severe affections such as hernia or discopathy.

Put your health at shelter with the snow blower

You can protect your body and heart from injuries with the help of the snow blower. If you read some reviews, you will see that this useful machine allows you to remove the excess snow without putting your health at risk from over-straining your body and heart. The snow blower is comfortable and easy to move through the snow while it removes it with the help of an auger and throws it through the chute without you having to force your muscles. Avoid standing in the ray of the chute and touching or cleaning the auger while the machine is working in order to avoid hurting yourself. There are several types of snow blowers on the market. Some are designed only for light, fluffy snow while others can also handle hard packed snow. Moreover, some should only be used on paved areas while others also work on gravel. In order to make sure that you are buying the right snow blower for your needs, read some reviews of the best snow blowers of the moment.