Natural Beauty Tricks for Busy Mums

Being a mum implies total care and attention for your child, which leaves little to less time and energy for yourself and you usually find yourself in the situation of looking tired and sloppy. To avoid showing your fatigue and the lack of time, try using these natural beauty tricks that can help you maintain a neat aspect even though you are a busy mum who carefully attends her children.

Make your own lash growth serum

Mums hardly have time to brush their hair before going out, not to mention what it would take for them to apply make-up or a simple mascara on their lashes. Luckily, every mom can have an intense gaze with the help of a natural lash growth serum that increases the volume of their lashes so that they will never have to worry about applying mascara. A mixture of castor oil, olive oil and vitamin E will nourish their lashes from the inside, encouraging young, thick and strong lashes to grow.

Prepare creams using fresh ingredients

The food you eat is good for your body not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Face masks made of fruits, vegetables, honey, yoghurt and other foods from your daily diet are great ingredients for efficient masks and moisturizing creams that nourish and clean your skin. The olive oil is a great moisturizer that has been used by many women who state it has incredible effects on the skin.

Drink plenty of water

Perhaps the easiest way to keep a healthy and young aspect is to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help your body hydrate and deliver important nutrients to every organ. This discipline routine will assure you a nice skin, a shiny hair and a detox body that will glow with health.

Say goodbye to fatigue signs

One of the biggest problems mums have is the tired look on their face, accentuated by the puffy eyes and the dark circles around the eyes. To avoid people’s sympathy, erase the need of sleep off your face by using cucumber, lemon slices or ice packs to cover your eyes for a few minutes. Green tea also has a great antioxidant effect and can help you reduce the signs of fatigue and extenuation that are commonly noticed in mums.

Take care of your nails

The hands are a person’s business cards and there is no excuse for an untidy manicure, even if you are a busy mum, therefore, try to take care of your nails in a few minutes. Some slices of lemon will help you clean your nails and a layer of transparent nail polish is perfect as it will not look sloppy when it starts to peel off.