Most Unusual Teas Every Chai Lover Should Explore

Integrating tea into your daily routine is, as any tea-lover knows, a great way to keep yourself in good condition, as well as develop a healthy lifestyle. But what do you do when you have already experienced all the tea-types in your area, and you’re simply looking for a change of pace?

Trying new and exotic flavors will not only broaden your horizon, but it offers you an opportunity to learn about new cultures as well. So, without further ado, we present you some of the most unusual teas for you to try the next time you’re looking for something new.


Original from the Yunnan province of China, it has gained lots of attention lately thanks to its caffeine concentration. With similar effects to black and green tea, it can easily provide alertness, as well as offer you the energy to finish your day successfully. Moreover, it can offer help with weight loss as well as provide cardiovascular protection over time.

Depending on the region it was made in, it comes in different shapes – rectangular, disk-like, bowl, mushroom-shaped – and it needs to be stored away from direct sunlight, in cold, dry rooms. With time, as the leaves age, they will offer you an enhanced aroma, for an intensely flavored tea. Easy to make in any type of tea kettles, as long as you have an infuser, it has a flowery or stale aroma, depending on how ‘old’ the leaves are, with a smooth, fine taste.

Yak Butter

A specialty made in Tibet, it will surely keep the cold away, while offering you strength, as well as a relaxing sleep. It has a high caloric value as it is made from a mixture of regular boiled tea leaves, yak butter, and salt. Stirred continuously till it turns into a creamy concoction, it can have a sweeter or a saltier taste depending on the region is it prepared in. While you might need some time to adjust to the taste and texture before you can fully appreciate it, when offered it is a sign of hospitality, so it is recommended not to refuse it.


As its name implies, it is made from reishi mushrooms which are known as Ganoderma lucidum lingzhi, and it provides you with medicinal effects when consumed. It has high levels of antioxidants, it helps with the immune system, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes the sugar level from your blood, as well as helps fight against tumors. Moreover, it can help fight fatigue and depression, improving the overall quality of life. It is best to prepare it in a ceramic electric kettle as flavor extraction is optimized by the ceramic material and the tea’s health-enhancing properties are exploited to the fullest. While it provides you with plenty of benefits, its taste is quite strong, so you might need to mix it with other types of tea to be able to consume it.


With no connection to the canine race of the same name, Labrador tea is of North American origin. Rich in Vitamin C, it offers several health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, it is a great way to combat hangovers, colds, choughs and lung infections, headaches, as well as stomach problems. It has a spicy taste, with earthly aromatic tones, but it is recommended to use it in small quantities. Otherwise, it can cause stomach inflammations and indigestion.

Yellow Gold Tea Buds

Part of the most expensive types of tea, it was considered to be the favorite blend of all Chinese emperors. And for good reasons! Extremely rare, it has a unique harvesting process, as it is found only on one particular mountain, and it can be harvested only in one particular day per year. To acquire the buds, special golden scissors are used, and it can be taken only from one particular side of the tree. Sun-dried and kept in strict storage containers, it is painted with gold flakes to provide it with even more nutritional benefits. Its taste is a mixture of a floral and metallic aftertaste.

Blue Tea

Original from Thailand, it is made from dried butterfly pea flowers. What is unusual about this tea is its blue color, given to it when you brew the flowers. Depending on what you mix it with, and its pH levels, it will change color, going from deep blue to purple when you add lemon, or even turning red when you mix it with hibiscus leaves. It has a floral taste, with earthy tones, and it can be consumed as it is, or sweetened up according to taste.

Maple Tea

If you’re looking for a tea that doesn’t require you to add sugar or honey to sweeten it up, then you should definitely try maple tea. Original from Canada, it provides you with a boost of energy, and it has a naturally sweet taste with a rich aroma, tasting similar to the maple syrup. Furthermore, it offers cardiovascular protection and has antioxidant properties. Not to mention that it will make a great iced tea.


All in all, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to the tea types you have already experienced and know. Trying new and various flavors is exciting and, who knows, you might even discover a new favorite flavor. If you are looking for a spectacular color show, try the Blue Tea, while if you’re looking for natural sweet tea, the Maple one is for you. Reishi works wonders for your immune system, while the Yak Butter will offer you warmth in cold, winter days. With plenty of choices for you to try out, pick your favorite and try it out!