Luxury and reliability – Audi A7


Cars are so various that people started to find it extremely difficult to choose one. This is the reason why reading as many car reviews as possible and starting to get to know the automotive field and the financial parts of it as well. Starting with the very beginning, when you want to buy a car, set up your budget. No matter what type of car you want to buy, how luxurious it is or what it offers, setting a budget will reduce the specter of searching, making this job easier than it is.

Secondly, the brand matters. Go for well-known automotive cars, like Audi. Their newest A7 model is all you can desire from a car. See articles where specialists talk about the features of this amazing vehicle, like Edmunds about the Audi A7. Wondering what features you should take into account? See below.

Engine and transmission

Look into engine performance. For instance, the A7 model comes equipped with an Intercooled super-charger premium unleaded six-valve engine. It has a displacement of 3.0 liters and the fuel system is gasoline direct injection, similar with most cars. Yet, the net horsepower this car hides under the covers can reach up to 350 at approximately 5300 RPM, which is enormous for a sedan.

How about the transmission? So much power would go perfect with a well-built and thought transmission. The Audi A7 combines its amazing engine with an eight-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission. The engine automatic start or stop feature will make the driving experience better than ever, not to mention the full time all-wheel drive.


The car should definitely get the looks. The A7 is a luxurious car, catching people’s attention from miles away. For a sedan, Audi definitely overleaped its shoulders. The latest 2018 model looks stunning and you can personalize it the way you like. You have plenty of options available and the more you intervene in your car’s aspect, the more pleasurable driving it will be.


Even though the price is quite high, this car will offer all the features a driver could desire. Plus, the initial investment is the only one that requires a larger amount of money. Maintaining the car will not be expensive at all, considering the fact that Audi builds resistant cars. Quality never comes at low prices and this affirmation is suitable in each domain.