Key steps to introduce a new nanny

There is no better way to care your children that doing it by your own, but sometimes you have to get back to work, and you do not have this possibility if you do not ask for help. If you want to make sure that, your children would be well cared, then you should hire a nanny. However, introducing a nanny to your children, may not be as easy as you may think, because they have difficulties in getting accustomed with a new person, they have to spend many hours a day. If they are accustomed to stay with you, they will find difficult to accept the nanny. Therefore, you have to make sure that you ensure a smooth transition, because it is important the process to not be stressful for anyone. There are some bumps on the road you can avoid, but it is important to follow some steps. When you hire a nanny from a babysitting agency London you have to make sure that she has experience in caring children similar of age with yours.

Include your child in the selection process

If your child is old enough, when you want to hire a nanny, you should include them in the selection process. You should talk with them, and ask them how they want the new nanny to be, and what activities they would want to do together. You should look for candidates with those qualities, and when you find a few options, you should introduce them. You can even involve your child in the interview, and talk with them to find their opinions.

Help your nanny

When you finally find the right nanny, you should offer her the needed information, on your child’s preferences. You should tell her what you value on her relationship with your child, because she needs to know these details from the beginning. You should share with her what activities she has to do with your little one, and what their daily schedule is.

Spend time together

It is not advisable to let your child alone with the nanny, from the first day. It is important to spend time together, so they will get accustomed with her presence. You should start by inviting the nanny at play a few times, and help her get acquainted with your child. In this way, they will develop trust in her, and they will see that you also trust and respect her. Make sure you communicate them that it is important to respect her decisions.