Keep your family safe this summer

It is well known that when the warm season approaches and the sun is up on the sky, most people choose to spend more and more time outdoors. Barbecues, games, sunbathing and swimming are just some of the most popular activities for family on summer. However, keep in mind that enjoying fresh air is extremely fun until it isn’t, because accidents happen all the time. There are many dangers you have to pay attention to – sometimes, some are pretty obvious, while others can appear out of nowhere. If you have kids, they will definitely enjoy some time spent outside, but since they cannot evaluate and anticipate dangers, you are the one in charge with protecting them from harm. Take care of your family’s safety by informing yourself in advance and looking for solutions to prevent threats and unpleasant situations. Wellness experts have come up with some relevant pieces of information, aimed to help you acknowledge the risks your family is exposed to during summer. Read on to discover these risks and also how to overcome them.

Where do the most accidents happen?

Since we are speaking about summer activities, there are also particular accidents happening on this period of the year. As same as on winter, ice slipping is the most common type of hazard, summer also has its favorites, such as:

  • Water related accidents. Whether we are speaking about a holiday spent at the seaside or an afternoon by the pool, water can be dangerous, especially for children. Slipping on the edges of the pool, open drains and pipes, excessive sun exposure or people not knowing to swim are just some of the most common reasons for casualties. Sunburns are also an issue, so keep that in mind.
  • Accidents around the house. It has been proven that most accidents happen at home, and among these, cuts, burns, poisoning or insect bites are the most popular. A family evening spent in the garden or back yard can become really uncomfortable if you are not cautious.

How can you keep your family safe?

Fortunately, each of the above mentioned risks or hazards can be avoided, if you are careful and if you purchase the right items for your household. For starters, you need to make sure kids are always supervised when they hang out by the pool (and not only). Prepare appropriate equipment for those who cannot swim, cover all the drains and openings in the pool and learn basic CPR principles, just in case. If insects are a problem when you hang out in your garden, then the easiest fix is to get insect zappers – these are efficient and also ecofriendly. Never leave children unattended, store away mowers or other gardening tools and try to use, as much as possible, organic fertilizers and solutions. This way, even if kids reach them, they will not get hurt. Keep them far from grills or fires and if these happen around the house, remember to organize them in a well-ventilated area, where children and animals have no access.