Hypnotherapy and weight loss – Why should you try it?

More than the lousy trick magicians try to pull off in their shows, hypnosis has been around for centuries, and even included in medical practices. Especially used in psychology treatments and therapies, it has gained popularity for a series of motives. From having the ability of treating nicotine addiction, to enabling weight loss, it is a more and more popular practice around the world. Lose weight hypnotherapy Birmingham sessions seem to be the go-to alternative for those trying to become more pleased with their appearance.

Make healthy eating into a habit with the help of hypnosis

Most of us are not struggling with reducing our food portions, but with the fact, we must give up certain products to accomplish a better-looking self. Hypnotherapy sessions concentrate on inducing healthy cravings, instead of the junk food type of cravings, and although the effects might not be visible instantly, over the time, all subjects start noticing stunning changes in their appearance. Also, they concentrate on the subject’s eating habits, making them savour the food, instead of simply eating it. This creates a sensation of full stomach quickly than eating while watching television, let’s say. These sessions have the goal of reducing the amount of bad habits that subjects might show in terms of eating routines.

Not a diet, but a complete change of lifestyle

Although many think about hypnotherapy as a diet, it is not a diet itself. It is simply a tool for inducing healthy eating habits as well as exercise habits. Although a person might be the sedentary type, after attending several sessions like these, they will notice a stronger drive towards physical activity. And this is not a coincidence, it is the effects of hypnotherapy. Planting the seed of physical activity where it lacks might be the perfect solution for a sedentary person trying to lose weight. Oftentimes, it begins by identifying underlying past trauma that might cause the subject to show aversion towards exercising and continues with resolving the issue.

A scientifically proven approach

In a scientific experiment conducted in 1986, researchers have discovered that women dieting only lost 0.5 pounds, while women choosing hypnotherapy sessions succeeded in losing 17 pounds. Although this might sound hard to believe, further studies conducted in the ‘90s proved that subjects of hypnosis lose twice the weight lost by those using diets. And last but not least, a study that took place in 2014 showed that all hypnosis subjects improved their exercising rituals, eating habits, and lost significant amounts of weight.