How to resolve family conflict

Which would be the most precious advice you would offer to someone in order to help him learn how to resolve family conflict and be successful? There would be numerous and various answers that one could provide to this valuable question, but which would be the best of all?

It is clear that one could hardly manage to solve a conflict with a single step, but if you make a list with all the actions you will be surprised that it will not be too long. For example, if you start by focusing on the problem and not putting the blame on the people in your family, you will start to get closer to the nucleus of the issue. Also, by trying to understand what bothers the members in your family rather than considering them mediocre and impossible to deal with, you will notice that you can be rational.

By being assertive and expressing your own opinion without offending your parents of your sisters and brothers, you will see that your relationship will become tighter and your level of confidence will increase. You need to maintain the dialogue with your family, no matter the circumstances. By discussing all the time you will manage to stay away from frustrations and wrong opinions towards the members of your family. One should not isolate from his family because this is the first step towards what psychologist call family conflict. If someone comes to you and needs your advice or would like to have a talk with you and share some positive ideas with you, you should not be dismissive and pretend to be busy and unreliable. Your family is supposed to be the most important social part in your life, mainly if you believe in the values of this group. Mutual support, respect, reliability and responsibility and only some of the virtues that one should take into account when having to deal with family conflicts.

There is one unwritten rule about family: it is about mutual understanding, love, compromise and the wish to live a happy life. Which would be the best solution while trying to find out how to resolve family conflict? It is hard to decide over a single idea, but if one really cares about the future of its family, he will definitely try to do his best in order to overcome any obstacle. Start by listening to the other people in your family and try to find a solution as soon as possible, instead of criticizing every one.