How to prepare your dog for welcoming your baby

Dogs are wonderful around children, because they protect their families and when it comes to a little human, they feel that it is their responsibility to take care of the little one. If your dog has not met a baby until now, you may be anxious thinking about the moment when they will first meet. First, you should know that your dog’s first feeling would be curiosity, because they will want to get to know who the new member who will share the house with them is. You have to make sure that you are taking some precautions to make sure that your dog will not become aggressive when the baby will cradle along the house. You are the only person who can create a harmonious atmosphere.

How can you prepare the dog for welcoming the new family member?

You will have to include your dog in the activities you will change in your daily life. You can do it by changing their walking habits; you can start walking them with an empty pram from the moment when you find out that you will have a baby. Kennel experts advise parents-to-be to walk around with a toy baby in their arms to notice if their dog has any behavioural problems when they notice a new presence. This will make your dog get used to the fact that in the future you will have only one hand available for them.

You should not allow the dog sleep in the bed where the baby will stay, because this way they will know that they are not allowed there. Get a CD with baby crying noises to help the dog get accustomed with the noise. After giving birth to the baby, it is important someone to take home some of the clothes the little one will wear, to help the dog get accustomed with the smell of the child. The experts from hundepensjonat consider this a crucial step.

What should you do when bringing home the baby?

When you are walking your dog and baby, you should not detach its leash from the pram. It does not matter how gentle the dog is with the baby, you should not leave them alone with the little one. Make sure you pay attention to the dog’s behaviour when they are around the baby. Staring, bared teeth, raised fur or growling are signs that they do not accept the presence of the new member of the family.

The specialists from kennel Oslo state that it is important to take the dog to the vet before giving birth, because worms in pets can cause serious health issues in children. During the first year, until you are sure that the dog loves the baby and all they want is to cuddle and spend time together, you should use a child gate. It will keep the dog away from the nursery and they will get in contact with the baby only when you allow them and supervise their interaction.