How to decorate your garden for special events

Decorating the garden for special events might seem a time consuming process that requires a lot of work, patience and money because you have to purchase accessories and other decorative elements. However, this is not true. After all, we are talking about a garden, a naturally beautiful place with greenery and colorful flowers. All you have to do is add several items with great visual impact and you are done. We have the perfect solution for you: ribbon. You might think that it is not enough, but that is because you do not know yet all the possibilities ribbon offers in terms of decorating.

Ribbon is a minimalist decorative element

Because ribbon represents a minimalist and elegant decorative element, you can let yourself carried away and embellish all the elements in the garden. We mean all of them, from garden structures to arches and even doorways. If you do not want to create a monotonous appearance, you should combine various types of ribbons. For instance, the combination of green and white satin ribbons, green and red organza ribbons or pink rosette ribbon UK will undoubtedly captivate everyone’s interest. Details make a difference so you should not layer these elements without following a pattern because you will obtain an untidy and unaesthetic look.  After all, even though it practically seems a piece of cake, you want your guests to think that you put a lot of effort and though into decorating the garden for the special occasion.

What you can do with ribbon

Now that we established that ribbon represents your best ally in terms of outdoor decorating, we have to give you certain tips and ideas that will differentiate your design from others. First, instead of bunting, you can use ribbon to define areas by placing it on fences or even across the garden for visual movement and impact. Put a sign on the entrance to welcome the guests in a positive and cheerful note. You can write anything you want, just make use of your imagination and your ribbons. For the evening, you can gather several clear jars, put small candles inside and wrap them up with delicate and beautiful ribbons. Then you can use twine to place them strategically in different areas of the garden and create a warm glow. If you have many trees around, you should not ignore the possibilities they present when it comes to decorating. Use various straps of ribbon and tie them from branches for a fanciful backdrop.