How to Convince Your Children to Listen to You

Taking care of small children who have a powerful personality might seem intimidating, but there are always solutions for these types of situations. Although times have changed, you should try to remember what worked for your parents when they were raising you, and focus on applying the same methods for your little ones. However, if you are out of ideas, you can inspire from the following advice that we have prepared for you.

Create stories

The first thing that you must realize is the fact that when you talk to your children you are not talking to grownups. Kids have other preoccupations than grownups, so don’t expect them to understand the importance of the things that you are trying to explain to them. Instead of that, you can adapt yourself to their capacities, and you can try to speak to them in terms that would capture their attention. We advise you create little stories that would help you convince your children to obey you and get the desired results. For example, if you want to convince your little ones to clean their bedrooms, you should tell them that having a clean room will help the Tooth Fairy to find their tooth faster and easier, and it will help her get to their beds safely. We guarantee you that these types of stories provide the best outcome.

Offer your children rewards

Every time your kid eats all of his food, you should reward him by allowing him to watch his favorite cartoons, or by offering him a delicious treat. This is a great way to teach your child about the importance of earning things in life and not waiting for others to make you favors without deserving them. Keep in mind that you should never promise your child that he will get a reward for doing something that you asked him to do, and then never keep your promise. That will confuse your little one very much, and it will make him question your credibility. In other words, he will never trust you again.

Explain the consequences of their actions

Children with a difficult temper have the tendency to get into fights and even to destroy things. Therefore, the only way that you can convince your child not to be violent is to explain the consequences of his actions, and how they can affect those who surround him. Making him feel empathy for other people will allow him to understand that he would not like to receive the same treatment that he is using on others. Moreover, explaining him the advantages that he could get by being caring and loving will also make him feel satisfied and happy, and it will make him pay attention to other people’s feelings.