How carpets can completely change the aspect of your house

Changing the ambiance of your home can be done with a simple and inexpensive trick you probably didn’t take into account before. Buying this specific item can completely change the way your home looks without you even need to move your furniture around. Carpets are a solution when you want to add a luxurious, colourful touch to your house and placing them in your home is not complicated at all. You may be wondering what a textile piece of material can change when being placed on the floor. Well, you’ll be amazed how much of an impact doing such thing will have upon your house. Yet, there are several aspects you might want to know about carpets and how to choose one according to your individual house:


First things first, you’ll have to pick a texture. There are several styles a carpet can have and you might want to touch every single one of them to know what you desire for your house:

  • Piles: cut and loop piles are the main types of carpets you can opt out for. The difference between them is that one is more resistant than another. Loop piles tend to last more in time than cut piles, but they are less smooth than the previous ones. Cut piles are often similar to plush and they have a puffy texture you will definitely like to feel with your bare feet. Depending on what you are seeking (comfort, durability, aspect etc.) you need to make the most appropriate decision to suit your house.
  • Fibre: nylon, olefin, acrylic or wool – what do we choose? The fibre type used to make a carpet is important too. In terms of durability and resistance, nylon is one of the most looked for types of fabric. It is stain-resistant and can be found in a great variety of patterns and colours. Olefin is great when talking about high-humidity rooms like basements or bathrooms. Acrylic is used as a replacement or wool but it doesn’t come in a lot of nuances. Wool is a natural fibre used mainly for carpets that are durable, eco-friendly and stain-resistant.


The second thing that will pop in your hand will be what colour your carpet should be. You need to start thinking into perspective given the fact that the furniture and other deco items are already in the room and have to be matched with it. Think wisely before making any decision because you won’t be able to choose another one soon. The investment is not what you would call small so think twice.


Of course, you wouldn’t want to reach bankruptcy because of a carpet. There are more expensive and less expensive ones through the city. You will only need to know how much you allow yourself to pay for this item and check if other stores make you a better offer.  Keep your head up and make sure you don’t get tricked. Expensive materials means quality and this is what you will be searching for.