Health issues senior cats deal with

First, it is important to know when you can say about your cat that it is a senior. Cats are considered seniors when they are older than 10 years old. The good news is that cats nowadays live well even before their 20s so you do not have to worry that it will leave you alone. But it is important you to be up to date with the changes your cat will experience as it gets older, because you will have to help it deal with the situation. In this article you will find out what the most common health issues are for senior cats.

Kidney disease

Senior cats often have to deal with a condition that affects their kidneys. We all know that the kidneys are the filter system of any body, they remove the waste produced by the body. The waste is filtered by the kidney and then eliminated through urine. But if your cat’s kidneys do not function properly, then the waste can get in its blood stream and can lead to a condition called azotemia. If you notice that your cat experiences symptoms as weight loss, an increase in the urine volume, vomiting or lack of appetite, you should take it to a veterinær nittedal as soon as possible.

Heart disease

Senior cats can also suffer from heart diseases. The most common heart disease is also known under the name of cardiomyopathy, and it affects the heart muscles of your cat. Other types of heart disease are congestive heart failure or degenerative valvular disease. It is advisable to have regular checks because only a specialist from dyrlege nittedal can diagnose this type of health issues.


Even cats can suffer from diabetes. It means that it has an increased blood sugar level, and it can affect its life quality. The felines who have a sedentary life and are overweight are at a higher risk of dealing with this health issue. They may even require support from a rehabilitering hund if they have to face this situation. In case your cat will be diagnosed with diabetes then it will need insulin injections. The remission is possible but it requires an aggressive treatment and it is advisable to ask the advice of a veterinarian.


A great number of senior cats experience this health issue, and their owners are not even aware of it. The symptoms of this condition are similar to the ones of aging, and you can easily miss them. Arthritis is a health issue that makes cats sleep more, be less active and not be able to access the higher places as they did when they were healthy. If this condition is not addressed it can damage the cat’s life quality.

Dental disease

Dental health issues are not specific to senior cats, but more than 70% of them suffer from dental issues if they are over 4 years of age. In case your cat is a senior and it also experiences dental diseases then it is dealing with a serious issue. It can cause it weight loss and it can affect its appetite.