Getting rid of old stuff 101


Everyone owns some thigs that are totally useless and have absolutely no purpose in our homes. People keep items in their homes without knowing what their purpose is or what do they want to use them to in the future. Using the storage space to keep useless things there is a big mistakes and people show learn how to get rid of the stuff they don’t need or the old stuff that can’t be used anymore. This might be quite difficult for people that get really attached to the objects they own or materialistic people who consider that if you throw things away you throw money away.

Fortunately enough, there is a solution for each and every one and this article is going to show you why is it worth it to clean your house from time to time and decide what to do with your things. Whether you are thinking about renting storage units Surrey or simply organizing a garage sale, this is a list of steps you definitely want to respect in the process:

Make a list of all the objects you use at least once a month. These things are the most important objects in your home and will help you live a comfortable and happy life.

First things to consider

  • After passing through most things and sorting them out, you should think: “Do I love these things or I don’t need them? They have any sentimental value for me, a great importance in my life, or in the worst case, take change nothing in my life?”. Ask yourself that each time you find something and getting rid of items will get easier.
  • Set up a place for “maybe keep” and one for “no keeping”. At first, the place for “maybe” will be full of things, but with time you will be more brutal in deciding what things are worth keeping and what is not.
  • Even if your aunt gave you a set of gilded figurines five years ago, you do not have to worry about harming her feelings unless you show them through the house. You know what? If you accept a gift, it does not mean you will save it for a lifetime. Decide for yourself what you want to do with them.
  • Anything you have not worn in the last year has to disappear. It is much easier to have a smaller wardrobe with essential things that match each other rather than running through many clothes you have no idea how to combine.
  • On the other hand do not exaggerate or throw away the things you will need to buy later, because it is not a profitable investment in the long run.
  • Share in piles everything you have decided that is no longer needed: sell, donate, recycle, or things completely ineffective and useless, throw them away.

Final thoughts

After you’ve tried to change your life and clean up the mess in your mind and in your house, notice how you feel. Pay attention whether you miss the objects or not and see if this was a good decision. You will be realising that your life has improved and there is no thing as object attachment if you know how to handle it.