Exploring window styles – add visual appeal to your home


Window technology and design has experienced a significant evolution throughout the years meaning that you benefit from a multitude of windows available on the market. Therefore, whether you recently moved to a new residence or you just want to replace the old windows that completely ruin the appearance of your home, not having different options to choose from should represent your last concern. Undoubtedly, you will find the most charming windows that will dramatically enhance the look of your house, but the real problem is that you do not have the necessary experience to install them. However, you should not worry because you can easily contact a professional who knows exactly how to fit a window allowing the fresh air, warmth and light to come into your room. On the other hand, windows provide you necessary protection from harmful nature elements including rain and cold. You probably do not wish to purchase windows having an identical style with the old ones. We thought about this situation and compiled a list with various types of windows.

Casement windows

These types of windows open just like a door. Furthermore, they represent the ideal option for homeowners who intend to maximize ventilation and like to admire nature because these windows provide clear views of the surrounding area of the residence. You can open and lock them with just a sash and hand crank. You can also view them as an alternative exit. Casement windows also represent a good choice for colonial or Victorian homes, although people living in newer houses also choose them.

Single hung windows

Even though these windows have two sashes, you benefit from a single operable opening. This option is perfect for budget-conscious homeowners because single hung windows are simple and easy to operate, not to mention that you can purchase them for a convenient price. Another reason for which you should consider these types of windows is their match with conventional house styles. Thus, if you do want to replace your windows, but you do not want to make a significant financial investment, remember this variant.

Double hung windows

You probably already guessed the difference between single hung windows and double hung windows. You are right; the latter variant involves two operable sashes. You will not encounter difficulties while cleaning these windows thanks to the tilt-in mechanism. You can see these types of windows in older homes, but you can also purchase them if you plan to give your house a traditional vibe. Moreover, double hung windows permit the air to flow easily in the rooms because they have a sliding mechanism easily operable.

Gliding windows

If you do not like those windows that protrude outside, then gliding windows are the solution for you. In comparison to other types of windows, manufacturers designed them to slide horizontally. If you do not feel impressed yet, you should that when purchasing gliding windows you also receive several features that include an exclusive handle, removable operating sash and automatic locking. This sounds perfect if you live in a modern residence.