DIY ribbon decorations for a colourful home décor

Does your interior design seem dull lately? You want to make a change, but your budget does not allow you to invest in expensive items? If so, you should know that with just a few decorations placed here and there, you can refresh the appearance of your interior completely, without much effort. There are many DIY projects you can use, that require a minimal amount of money and just a bit of imagination. Ribbons can be a great element in designing home decorations, and with so many types found online, on websites such as, you can opt for ones that suit your particular style. Here are some basic ideas you can start with:

Ribbon accents for the dining room

Giving your dining room a colourful vibe can easily be achieved with a few straps of ribbon. All you have to do is tie a few pieces of ribbons of various patterns or colours around each chair leg, and create a unique coordination. To bring the area together, and to maintain the same décor, you can sew some ribbon on the edges of the tablecloth as well. The matching accents of the chair and tablecloth will create a fresh and unique touch.

Colourful DIY curtain for the bedroom

Make the décor of your bedroom stand out, by designing an unconventional yet stylish curtain. Choose some ribbons in various warm tones, and tie each strap unto the curtain rail, leaving them falling naturally. You will certainly love the wow effect created.

Personalized candles

Everybody has a few white candles around their home, and if you don’t, you can find them at almost any home décor store at an incredibly cheap price. Take a few white candles, varying in size, and personalize them with fine straps of ribbon. Choose the same colour tone as your lounge furniture, to create a coordinated effect. You can place them in any area of the living room, and they will look amazing.

If you want to give your house a touch of charm and colour, but you cannot afford expensive home decorations, then try some DIY projects with ribbon, and you will not be disappointed in the outcomes. However, in order for your homemade decorations to be as sophisticated and chic as possible, you should use ribbons of high quality and unique patterns. The good news is that you can easily find a great online shop to supply you with a wide range if beautiful ribbons to choose from.