DIY decorations for Christmas that your family will love

When there’s not that much time left until Christmas, besides preoccupying yourself with buying presents for all your dear ones, decorating your home to make it holiday appropriate is also probably on your mind. While the market might have numerous types of décor elements available, if you want something with a more personal touch, creating some items yourself will be a great idea. DIY decorations aren’t as complicated as you think, and the following projects are perfect for this type of holiday:

Cardboard Christmas tree

If would want to have a Christmas tree in every room, but the real thing wouldn’t exactly be convenient or affordable, you can opt for an unconventional alternative. Designing a tree out of cardboard is quite easy. With some spray paint and a few extra accessories, you will be able to design a chic, cute cardboard tree that you can hang wherever you think would look better. Use stickers for occasions on it, just to make it seem even more festive.

Ribbon wreath

You couldn’t possibly decorate your home for Christmas without hanging a wreath on your door. Well, instead of purchasing one that is already made, why not design one yourself? Ribbon is the ideal supply for this project, being easy to work with, and allowing you to reach some great results. Whether you use satin or grosgrain ribbon, you can make a great wreath out of this decorative supply solely. Use more than one colour, for more appealing results. You will find plenty of step-by-step tutorials on the project just by searching on the web.

Decorative cushions

Some Christmas pillows placed on your living room sofa will give the overall area that festive feel it needs for this holiday. You can use some old pillow cases, and decorate them with various Christmas accessories. You can sew Christmas ribbon onto the cushions and design the patterns you like best, you can also use stickers and paint – just let your creativity run freely, and you will be surprised with what you can actually create on your own.

Making your Christmas holiday ready doesn’t need to involve high expenses, if you have a bit of time to put in some DIY project that will beautify your interior. The ideas mentioned above work great for the occasion and you will manage completing them without much effort, considering that all you need are some basic DIY skills and easy to find supplies. Your household will have that beautified feel to it.