DIY Christmas Decorations that Will Lead to Quality Family Time

Despite the fact that there is still a month and half left until Christmas, the stores have already started displaying Christmas decorations and some of us, can’t help but sing Christmas carols in our heads whenever we lay our eyes upon these decorations. The most beautiful thing about Christmas is the fact that this holiday actually brings people together. If you’ve been busy lately and haven’t had much spare time to spend with your family, you should consider planning some fun Christmas related activities. For example, you can consider some DIY Christmas decorations that the whole family can craft together. In this article, we have gathered some excellent ideas that will delight both the children and the adults.

Mini Christmas Trees

This first decoration is very simple and can be crafted by children of all ages. All you need is some paper, some green thread and some small round craft supplies such as felt balls, small marbles or colorful beads. Start by making a paper cone. Your decoration will be sturdier if you use hard paper. Secure the cone’s shape with scotch tape or glue. Next, take the green thread and start wrapping it around the cone until the cone is completely covered in thread. If the thread doesn’t stay in place, you can paint the cone with glue before wrapping it in threat. After the cone is fully wrapped, cut out a paper star and stick it to the tip of the cone. Next, proceed to decorate the cone with felt balls and beads.

Paper roll tube ornaments

For the following decorations, you will need scissors, some paper roll tubes, glue, glitter and thread. Use the scissors in order to slice the paper tube into 1 inch slices. Next, give each slice a pointy, elliptical shape by pressing on its sides. Glue several such slices together in order to make a flower shape. If your glue proves not to be strong enough, you can use a stapler. Lastly, after obtaining the flower figures, paint them with glue, scatter some glitter on them and make hangers for them out of thread.

Light bulb ornaments

DIY Christmas decorations can be not only enjoyable, but also very productive, especially when you are recycling. If you found yourself with a bag of light bulbs that you haven’t had the time to recycle yet, you might want to consider turning them into Christmas ornaments. Basically, all you have to do is paint them with glue, cover them with glitter and give them thread hangers.