Definition of family

You can hardly call a family the officially and legally recognized relationship between a man and a women, but nowadays, it is accepted to be a family. If in the past, the definition of family had to include children in its words, now they became compulsory. It is not something to be blamed, because as time has passed, society has encountered several aspects that somehow leaded it to a new adaptable form.

When talking about families, almost everyone thinks of the famous Adam Family, the well-known movie that has dominated our childhood. The uncommon look of its members, combined with their unusual habitudes, have showed a funny, yet scary definition of family. But this was just in movies!

The question that rises when it comes to finding a definition of family is whether it should have a legal basis or gay couples can easily be included in the same category. One cannot accuse gay people who allegedly have feelings for each other for having established their own family.

Sociologists admit that the definition of family has moved from a traditional pattern to a rather modern one. The conditions of living, the commitment and the responsibilities are a lot more serious and the number of people is a lot larger. There are people who definitely enjoy living in a family, as they benefit from a wide range of advantages. For adoption and any other taxes, family belonging is really valuable.

There are definitions of family that rely on the idea of living together, giving birth to children or adopting one or more and having at least two members. There have been raised numerous debates over the composition of a family and its use.

From some points of view, the purpose of a family is to raise children and thus contribute to the prosperity and continuity of the society. A family with no children is, in some cases, considered to be useless to the society or even dangerous. Because of the fact that it does not help the country by giving birth to new generations, the overall population will decrease. Basically, there is a smaller number of people growing up in the future years.

To sum up, the definition of family is not unanimous accepted worldwide, as it depends on the different cultures, ideologies and principles. What we are sure of is that it must be formed by two people who love each other and are willing to live together. If their union is legally accepted and assumed, it can definitely be considered a family in the 21st century.