Custom made human hair wigs – are they better than the others?

For many women wearing a wig is the best choice they have to look amazing, even if they are dealing with hair loss issues, for example. Many celebrities wear wigs, because it is a simple way to alternate hairstyles without affecting the health of their natural hair. When on stage they prefer to have a different hairstyle for every one of their outfits, and it is easier to change the wig than to have a new hairstyle ready in a few minutes. Wigs are available in many colours and styles, from long locks to short pixie cuts. If you want to try one, then you should buy one of the custom made human hair wigs. Sometimes the most difficult part of choosing a wig is to decide if you buy a natural hair or synthetic hair one. It is important to understand the advantages human hair ones have, because they are people’s first option.

The pros of wearing human hair wigs

Natural human wigs are made with harvested human hair, so they will feel and look like your own hair. If you are a woman, then it is advisable to opt for a human hair wig, because it has the advantage of being versatile when it comes to styling it. You can have it permed, coloured and styled, as you would do with your own hair. It is important to collaborate with a professional hairstylist, because dealing with human hair wigs is not as simple as you might think. One big advantage is that human hair wigs come in multiple textures, so you have the possibility to match your own hair texture. If you want to wear it daily, then it can last even a year, but the condition is to properly care it. This type of wig will help you achieve an incredibly natural look, so you should talk with a professional provider and order a custom one for you.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic wigs?

As seen above, natural hair wigs have many advantages, but this does not mean that the synthetic ones do not. They are easy to care off, but you will not be able to style them. You will have to wash and dry them regularly. If you care it properly, the wig will return to its initial style. You have a wide variety of colours and styles from which to choose, so if you do not know which model suits you better, you should purchase multiples wigs. When it comes to the colours of synthetic wigs, there is no limit, because they come in many fantasy and natural shades. The majority of wigs have an unnatural shine. It is something common for the cheap models. Synthetic wigs do not last as long as natural hair ones do, you will not be able to wear them more than 6 months. Also, they are not versatile if you want to style them, so you will not be able to curl and straighten your locks. You will have to purchase special tools for synthetic wigs if you want to do it, and they may be quite expensive.