Continuing the Commonwealth games family tradition

The vast majority of family traditions are centred around sitting in front of the television or around the dining room table. To put it differently, families have rituals that have nothing to do with physical exercise whatsoever, but the good news is that there are exceptions to the rule. We are talking about sport families, in other words those people who enjoy exercising and that give the world athletes. As a general rule, family history precedes the siblings and it is their responsibility to continue the legacy. Let’s say that you come from a family in which participating in the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast is the order of the day. Maybe you are not tempted by the idea of taking part of such a competition, but you have to do it, especially if you have athletic skills. Not only will you be expected to volunteer, but also it is your duty.

Importance of continuing family traditions

The continuation of family traditions is of the highest importance. Family traditions give you a source of identity and they are a critical piece of your culture. What is most important to keep in mind is the fact that sport will lead to your good health, not to mention that the activity is enjoyable. For example, if you participate in the swimming event, you will be literally carrying the torch. The main reason why a family ritual is important, be it athletic or of another kind, is that it provides a sense of belongingness. Therefore, if you have family members that have won gold medals, you cannot simply refuse to do something worthwhile.

Preparing for the Commonwealth Games

Sporting superstars compete in what is largely considered one of the biggest competitions on the planet. Even if you will not come across iconic superstars, you still have to be in good shape. It is advisable to start training ahead of time. This does not mean that you have to put your body through hell, but rather that you have to undergo serious physical and psychological training. In order to reach peak performance, you need to get a coach. An expert can tell you what training plan is the ideal one for you. If you prefer to do things on your own, that is fine too, but at least buy a gym membership as this way you will have motivation to continue exercising. Do not miss the chance of participating in this once in a lifetime event.

Do not be afraid about disappointment

Even if you do have relatives that have managed to win the gold medal, your performance is not necessarily judged by the number of prizes that you win. What matters in any sport is participation. What you should do is try your best and get as far as possible. Many athletes wrongly believe that the Commonwealth Games are all about winning medals, but this is not true. Competitive participation is what matters the most. If you leave the competition with a smile on your face, then you can consider that the effort was worthwhile.