Calcium supplements and side effects – Things you should know

Many supplements have side effects and many are tempted to avoid taking them because of urban legends. Chemically produced supplements are truly a danger for human body. However, trustworthy supplement suppliers have specialized in creating natural health supplements. We found a company of this type for you and there have not been reported Algaecal side effects from its users. Regardless of the side effects, one must take adjuvants to have a healthy lifestyle. If it is possible, people should search for ones with natural ingredients. This way, they can be sure no unwanted effects will appear and they can also give them to children, without worries. However, below are some side effects of calcium supplements you can avoid by taking natural ones.

1. Increased risk of cardiovascular heart disease

By taking chemically synthetized calcium supplements, individuals are exposing them to an increased chance of developing serious heart issues. Recent studies have linked calcium supplements to cardiovascular issues, even though previously studies suggested that those improve the health of the heart’s muscles. Because they are hard to absorb, calcium supplements tend to form calcified particles that are prone to block arteries. This can put in danger many lives, considering the large number of individuals taking chemical supplements. However, recent trials on natural supplements have shown that they provide individuals taking them with the necessary daily amount of calcium without damaging the health of the heart’s muscles or arteries.

2. Chemical calcium supplements can increase the chance of bone fracture

Although they are taken to prevent bone fractures, especially among elder women, there is a big chance they could develop more problems of this nature. Fact is researchers have shown that women trying to prevent osteoporosis by taking calcium supplements have more chances to suffer from fractures. However, natural supplements do indeed help preventing problems of this kind and no side effects have appeared during the trails conducted. Therefore, if you want to really prevent issues of orthopedic nature, try to find some natural supplements.

3. They can cause kidney stones and prostate cancer

Trails have shown that individuals taking more than 1,000 milligrams of chemical calcium supplements per day have higher chances to develop prostate cancer and kidney stones. This is because chemically synthetized calcium is hard to be properly absorbed and chances to deposit in kidneys are larger. This is one of the reasons kidney stones appear. However, they can be prevented with natural supplements, because they are easier to absorb and the chances of creating deposits in unwanted organs are slim to none.

You can see how dangerous chemical supplements can be. However, if you need to increase your daily calcium intake without damaging your health, try to find the best alternatives on the market. Natural supplements are a good way of becoming healthier without exposing you to risks of any kind. Have in mind the fact that natural supplements are made from algae, simply turned into pills, without any other additives.