Best Party Games for Kids

As parents, we celebrate our children every day, even more so on their birthdays. Nowadays, most parents focus a lot on birthday themes, and invest a lot of time and money into fancy props and expensive locations. However, kids don’t care so much about these things and if you want your child to have a blast on their birthday, you should put most of your effort into planning some cool activities. Try to be creative and come up with activities that kids don’t usually do when they play by themselves. If you aren’t feeling creative, we have some cool ideas for you, that are cheap and quite easy to put into practice.

Treasure Hunt

Kids love treasure hunt, but they usually need an adult to come up with the treasure map. When designing the map and the clues, you must try to keep things fun but simple. Include references from the children’s favorite stories or TV shows. If you have a theme party,design the treasure hunt, according to the theme. For example, for a Frozen themed party, think of something like “Elsa’s lost treasure”. To make things more fun, hide certain gifts for the kids along the way.

The Redux capture the flag game

We are sure that you all remember the classic Capture the flag game. However, the classic game is pretty boring, and it is something that kids can also play on their own. However, the Redux version comes with some amazing props meant to catch the attention of any child. It features glowing orbs, sparkling prison markers and much more. The thing about this game is that it should be played in the evening, so that the glowing orbs can be seen. This means that this game is more suitable for kids over 12 years, since it isn’t adequate for smaller kids to stay up until late.


Kids love to race, and friendly competitions are always fun. Moreover, for fun races, all you need are some simple props such as potato sacks for a sack race, rope for a three-legged race or eggs and spoons. If you choose an eggs and spoon race, it would be wiser to use hard boiled eggs to avoid the mess. To spark up the competition, you can also choose some awards for the race winners Nevertheless,remember that this is a kids party, so include some participation prices so that nobody feels left out.