Bad Family Quotes and Tips

All relationships sometimes go through difficult periods, including those with family members. Experiencing occasional conflict and problems in personal relationship is something normal, and if handled properly conflicts can strengthen the bond between two people. However, sometimes they become overwhelming. Through some tips and bad family quotes, we will help you put things into perspective.

Loyalty is usually considered a worthy value, and most people tend to be loyal to their families. But sometimes, we have to question if we put loyalty above our own needs. It is your choice to believe that family is forever and you must remain loyal to all your relatives. If you have a close and supportive family, it’s wonderful and that closeness will empower you. On the other hand, if your family relationships are incompatible with the person you are becoming, excessive loyalty is extremely dis-empowering and can hold you back from growing and achieving your own happiness.

In order to solve family relationship problems, you may need to take a deeper look at your beliefs and values. After you do that, you will either find a new way to continue the relationship without conflict or accept that you’ve outgrown the current form of the relationship and move on to a new definition of the term family. Quotes about family relationships are a great way to see things from a different perspective. These bad family quotes will put things in a new light:

1. Unfortunately, some family members are so psychotic that no matter how hard you try to forge a healthy relationship, nothing will help. Now that you’re an adult, take refuge in the fact that some things are beyond your control. You owe it to yourself to steer clear of people who are harmful to your health.
Andrea Lavinthal

Andrea Lavinthal’s quote illustrated the idea that sometimes excessive loyalty is extremely disempowering and if the other person doesn’t want to change, there is nothing you can do but to change yourself. If it is not healthy for you to change, you must accept the fact that some things are beyond your control and the best thing you can do is get out of a harmful relationship.

2. A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it.
Mary Karr, The Liars’ Club

This is one of the most inspiring bad family quotes. The author points out that all families have their problems, as people are different and have different opinions. The solution is to try and accept those differences or detach yourself from a dysfunctional relationship.

3. All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Leo Tolstoy

Each family in unique, but the feeling we experience are the same. We all feel happiness or sadness no matter out ethnicity or geographical location. The only difference is the reason for our unhappiness and how we got there. In order to make your family functional, it is important to find the root of the conflicts. Quotes about family relationships are a great way to see the importance of family and to acknowledge the fact that your family is not a bad one, as each family deals with certain types of problems. It is only though unity that you can solve all problems.