Ask the caregiver these questions before hiring them for your elders

When you are hiring a professional to care for your elders, you want to find someone who is a good fit for the senior, and the situation they are dealing with. If you do not collaborate with an agency, you may find difficult to pick the right person because there are so many options. When you have a list of possible candidates you will have to meet them in person and conduct an interview to find out if they are the right fit for your elders.

We have put together some questions to help you find out more about the caregiver who will care for your elders when you are away from home. They will help you find out if they are experts in their field, compassionate and trustworthy. Do not imagine that you have to ask hundreds of questions, you only have to focus on some important ones.

Start with the questions regarding their experience

When you are interviewing a bpa Oslo it’s important to find out more about their experience to help you understand if they are a good fit for your seniors. Therefore, you should ask them the following questions.

  • Do you have any experience with caring for people who are dealing with (insert the health condition your elders are facing)? Sometimes the elders suffer from no health problem, but they are dealing with certain difficulties, and you should find out if they have assisted someone in a similar condition before.
  • Do you have experiencing in driving, cleaning the house, cooking for a person with restrictions like (insert the restrictions their health problems imply), dressing, assisting them with toileting, bathing, and transferring them from their bed to wheelchair?

Find out more about their certification and training

You want to hire someone who was trained to care for an elder in the situation yours is. Certain situations require certain skills and it’s important the brukerstyrt personlig assistent to have them. So the questions should be.

  • Do you have a formal training for caregiving?
  • Are you trained to offer CPR or first-aid?
  • What is your present health status? Are you dealing with certain health problems? Are you on time with your immunisations and TB test?
  • Can you provide documentation for your studies and training? But for your health status?
  • Are you working for an agency? Are you licensed? If yes, can you provide documentation?

And do not forget about references

You will come up with a few names, and you have to decide which one of them is the right choice. You can decide what hjemmesykepleie to hire according to the references they provide. Here is what you should find out.

  • Is there anything I should know if I perform a background check? You should inform them that you intend to find out more about them and you will check their social media activity and get in touch with past clients.
  • Can you offer me your full name, address, current photo ID, phone number and social security number?
  • What was your last job? Why did you leave it? How long have you worked for your former employer?